Does Releasing Sperm Make You Lose Weight?

For men, it has been proven healthy to release sperm daily or as you please. Ejaculating frequently doesn’t have any physical effect on your body. It’s not emotionally or physically harmful to the body.

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Now the question we might ask ourselves is, does ejaculating make you lose weight? Well, the answer is NO, but when looking at some instances, there might actually be weight loss. Sexual intercourse might actually make you burn off some calories. After research and evaluation, it’s seen that for every 30 minutes of passionate sex, 100 calories are burned. So, the more frequent you partake in sexual relations, the greater your chances of losing weight.

Now, the burning of calories might differ in both genders. A research team found out that men burn an average of 101 calories and women 69 when they have sexual intercourse. The average intensity of sex was higher than walking but lower than jogging. Passionate sexual intercourse can be seen as an intense exercise. You actually have to put in enough energy to get the best intimacy. In doing that, you’re basically burning calories.

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With that being said, ejaculating after having passionate sex might make you lose weight if it goes on constantly. Having sex doesn’t make you lose weight, but repeated intercourse might make you burn calories. You might actually be at an advantage if you work out a lot. You shouldn’t feel pressured before and after sexual activities.

Another way in which men can release sperm is through masturbation.

Does masturbation cause weakness and unhealthy weight loss? No, masturbation doesn’t make you lose weight. You might feel weak, maybe because of the effort you’ve put into it. Your body uses energy to help you masturbate, but masturbation doesn’t make you a physically weak person in the long run.

But, Yes!, Releasing sperm can actually make you lose weight if you’re ejaculating more than you should. Releasing Sperm three times as week can be healthy but anything more than that is bad for both your physical and mental health.

It has generally been proven that masturbation and self-pleasure don’t have any physical effect on your body. There might be religious and social beliefs, but other than that, it’s always safe to masturbate. The only way masturbation would be of harm is if it’s done aggressively, you might end up feeling pain in your genitals afterwards.

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Ejaculation has its benefits, there are actually a lot of benefits attached to it. Here are some of the known benefits.

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  • You may feel the need to sleep immediately following an orgasm.
  • It reduces the risk of prostate cancer, especially in adults.
  • It improves your sperm quality.
  • It boosts your immune system and improves migraine symptoms.
  • It also reduces your risk of death from heart disease.


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