Does Sitting On Hot Water Tighten The Vagina?

Can You Actually Tighten The Vagina?

One might actually be putting themselves at risk by believing that they can actually make the vagina tight. The female genital is naturally elastic. It is almost impossible to have a loose vagina. Your vagina can become slightly looser with age or childbirth, but won’t necessarily be “loose.”

Vagina tightening products are actually not effective as they don’t tighten them; rather, some of these products and methods make the vagina dry. A dry genital is actually different from being tight, but most people don’t get this. Vaginal tissue is naturally moist. Fluid from the cervix and secretions from the Bartholin glands (two pea-sized glands at the entrance to the vagina) help keep the vagina lubricated. During arousal, the Bartholin glands secrete extra fluid to reduce friction. Vagina tightening products make the Bartholin gland less secretive and can cause painful and less enjoyable intercourse for couples.

Women who engage in lovemaking frequently with multiple men usually suffer from loose genital passages. Women who have given birth to a child also suffer from loose uterine muscles. After all, your vaginal muscles stretch in order to let your baby pass through the birth canal and out of your vagina’s entrance. Another cause of loose genital passage in women is growth. Estrogen levels will begin to drop as you enter the perimenopausal stage. In old age, blood flow to the genital passage is reduced considerably. Women with loose genital passages cannot provide sufficient friction for the male organ during mating. It causes displeasure to both partners. It reduces interest in lovemaking.

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Does Sitting On Hot Water Tighten The Vagina?

There are actually several homemade methods for tightening that women have tried over the years. One of these methods is actually sitting on hot water. Sitting on hot water doesn’t tighten the vagina and you shouldn’t try it. People assume without theories that heat, chemicals, or food products, which could lead to burns and infections, can tighten the vagina. You shouldn’t cause damage to your genitals just because you want to have a tighter vagina.

If it’s not a substance that’s safe for your eyes, it’s not safe for your vagina. wouldn’t put soap in your eye? Don’t put it in your vagina. Wouldn’t you put herbal concoctions right on your eyeball? You guessed it—keep it away from your vagina!

If you have an issue with poor muscle tone in your pelvic floor (if you pee when you cough or sneeze, for example, or if you had a traumatic birth that involved tearing), then see a pelvic floor physiotherapist for treatment. You can actually strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by performing certain pelvic exercises. These exercises can also help relax your

  • Bladder
  • Rectum
  • Small Intestine
  • Uterus
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So there you have it. Sitting on hot water doesn’t tighten the vagina, rather it can actually cause damage. Who in their right mind would place their genitals just above hot water? How desperate are you to get your vagina tight? Don’t give it your thoughts, just don’t try it; it’s natural for the vagina to be the way it is.


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